Here are what some former/current clients are saying about Urban TekTonic. Please feel free to write your own review on Yelp!, Google, or your preferred website for reviews. You can also email them directly.

Really Impressed

“This review is LONG overdue. I contacted Greg at Urban TekTonic because I had three old computers that I needed to be wiped clean so I could get rid of them without worry about security. I contacted them on a Sunday afternoon, and got a response almost immediately. Greg came to my apartment at 6pm on the same day (a Sunday!) and took care of the computers. He was fast, efficient – he disassembled them all, destroyed the discs, and gave me info on how to dispose of them properly. I was really impressed!” — Shannon B. (go to Yelp review…)

Best Computer Home Service in NYC

“Best computer home service in NYC by far, at extremely reasonable rates. Greg’s knowledge and efficient working style amaze me every time. With great expertise he upgraded my PC and installed sophisticated programs as well as a DVD burner. Knows from where to order new components for best price and quickest delivery. Besides fixing my computer problems, I found his advice on other technology related subjects most helpful. He showed me how to organize my digital photos, for example, and how to turn my iPod quickly into a live recording device. He also transferred some important old analog recordings onto CD, improving the sound quality while doing so. Truely a superb and multifaceted service.” — Dr. Frank F. (go to review…)

Look No Farther

“Greg is the mutha flippin MacGyver of our generation. Last year he managed to replace the notorious broken Powerbook hinge ($300+ everywhere else that would even touch it) with a putty knife. Seriously. And he had the part just lying around to boot. Saved me so much money I impulse tipped and now, a year later, I joined Yelp just to give him his props, so impressed I remain. Look no farther: this is definitely the guy you want for the job.” — Joel B. (go to Yelp review…)

A Rare & Valuable Service

“Greg provides a rare and valuable service for computer-frazzled New Yorkers. He starts by asking the client’s needs, work habits, and preferences. He then makes the computer conform to the client’s system, and not make the client conform to the computer. He speaks plain English, not geek jargonese. He carefully considers and discusses both the clients’ immediate and long-range needs. He tries to make his ‘fixes’ as minimal as possible, changing only what is necessary. He is polite, patient, knowledgeable, and accessible. Thank God he’s here in New York!” — Larry L. (go to review…)

Great at Giving Advice & Answering Questions

“Greg at Urban TekTonic was fantastic and without a doubt is a PC Jedi. And from reading other reviews he can work a MAC too. I’d like to think of myself as being more than competent around a PC but after having some serious issues that I was racking my brain over, Greg completely worked some magic… I have used their services twice now on an HP laptop. Once for a hardware issue (basically a dead computer) and once about two years later for a really bad virus that I couldn’t shake. On both occasions Greg serviced my machine and patiently explained that he was able to recover lost files that I didn’t have backed up (which I was panicked about), what went wrong and what was required to fix the problem. Being very honest he also alerted me that one of the memory chips that went bad was still under warranty and could be sent back and replaced from the manufacturer. Greg was great at giving advice and answering questions on how to prevent future problems and loaded some serious software for viruses. My machine is a bit old but after seeing Greg I should be able to get more miles out of it instead of wasting money and resources on a new one. And don’t let the Inwood location deter you—Greg or his assistant were good about meeting me in a couple of different spots as my schedule varies—also TekTonic is reasonable on rates especially considering the virus issue which took some serious effort to tackle.” — Jeremy H. (go to Yelp review…)

Stellar Service

“I highly recommend Urban TekTonic’s stellar service. My hard drive on my laptop (PC) totally bit it. Greg (Urban’s lil mastermind) picked up my machine and quickly diagnosed the issue and provided several options as to how to move forward, complete with lists of pro/cons and what made most economic sense. I am now typing this review on my fully restored laptop with all the goods back in action! Greg was very easy to work with, very willing to answer all my questions, and provided quite a quick turn around from problem to solution. His rate is Very Reasonable. I recommend him to anyone suffering from computer trouble with confidence! If you live in Manhattan, Urban TekTonic is the way to go.” — Sarah W. (go to Yelp review…)

Affordable & Very Honest

“When our Mac was on its deathbed, we called the expert. Greg was very compassionate and stayed for hours trying to bring her back to life. He did! I can’t tell you how important it is to have someone you trust helping with your computer. He’s a real geek too! He knows more about computers than anyone I know! He can build a computer from scraps on the street. He’s also so nice and such a comfort in times of crisis. He’s very affordable and very honest. Don’t use anyone else!” — Mary L. (go to Yelp review…)

Wonderful Customer Service

“When I was switching from a PC to a MAC I had some transition problems, and I got in touch with Urban TekTonic. I had a massive hard drive that was formatted to only work with a PC. I wanted it to work with both my MAC and my girlfriend’s PC (with out losing any of my files)…Urban TekTonic made this transition painless, and easy. Wonderful customer service with a personal touch. From now on if I have any computer needs large or small I know I can email these guys and get fast and friendly service. They are currently helping me get my website off the ground! A great business run by good people!” — Tom P. (go to Yelp review…)

What More Could You Want?

“The genius of Urban TekTonic is their ability to take compli-cated problems and come up with relatively simple affordable solutions. TekTonic is able to explain the available options without the usual mumbo-jumbo that so often passes for information. TekTonic technicians are can-do geeks able to interface with the technical unwashed with patience and humor. They do not sneer at out of date equipment, they just smile and make it work and work well. What more could you want?” — Kathy G. (go to review…)

Absolutely Perfect

“Drop the Orange Geeks and the Green Dogs, they are useless. Go with Greg/Urban TekTonic. Trust me, he’s the best and absolutely perfect, took the time to explain everything he was doing so that laymen like me felt comfortable and adequate, he helped me set up my new home office, wire and wireless network, IP address, 3 work stations, print server with 5 printers, network hard drive and backup system. It’s been 10 months, but everything is still running smooth as silk. I will use your services in the future without hesitation and will highly recommend you to anyone.” — MK.Tan (go to review…)

Listens to What You Need

“Greg saved my life. I crashed and burned my PC, he came to my home, picked it up and brought it back the next day in top form. He didn’t just fix it, he put in a new operating system and made my life a lot easier very, very quickly. He LISTENS to what you need, which is more than I can say for most places in NYC, and he offers quick, economical solutions to problems that someone else would take advantage of. I highly recommend Urban TekTonic.” — Mary G. (go to review…)

Explains Issues and Solutions

“Part of me says I should not write any- thing about Urban TekTonic, because doing so will only make it harder for me to get service when I need it. But the guy is so good, so refreshing after some of the bozos I’ve met who claim to be computer repair people, that I have to praise him. Greg Matherly does more than fix a problem, he figures ways to improve your machine and explains issues and solutions in non-geek language. He is available to answer questions and shows up on time. and he is affordably priced. I’ve got absolute confidence in what he does and though I know I am working against my own best interests by reviewing him this way, I just have to do it. Give him five stars or world class or whatever the top can be.” — Mort H. (go to review…)

Someone You Really Want in Your Home

“Greg is great! I don’t know how he keeps up with everything, but he knows about every product, program, virus, etc. He is also very real and not at all superior—he can explain anything to me and I get it. He set up a Media Center for us on our computer at home. We don’t watch TV now, we turn on a computer. We can have browse the web on our flat screen, have awesome slide shows, stream videos, whatever we want. Oh, and yeah, we can watch Broadcast Networks if we want to. Again, I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes to make it all work, but Greg sure does! He also helps us out with both PCs and my Mac (which I barely let anyone else touch!). The best part about Greg is that he is someone you really want in your home!” — Viviane G. (go to Yelp review…)

Helped Me Solve Several Tech Problems

“Greg has helped me solve several, knotty tech problems from setting up and troubleshooting my home network, getting my files off a dead hard drive, turning an old computer into a home Media Center. And because I use multiple computers for different purposes at home, at work, and when I travel, he’s helped me use cutting edge web-based applications to centralize file backup, establishing a web-based calendar and to-do list, and otherwise set up systems where I can access files and tools I need from any computer that is connected to the web. If you travel alot or want to access applications at work that you don’t have permission to install, ask him about setting up a mobile office on a jump drive!” — Joe F. (go to Yelp review…)

Very Knowledgeable and Honest

“Great service, price, and very knowledgeable and honest. He detected my laptops’ issues right away, and got them fixed in no time. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.” — Ronnie R. (go to Yelp review…)

The Very Best!

“Greg (Urban Tektonic) is the very best! He rescued the files off of the laptop I had in college (which had been broken for 5 years prior… before that my dad had taken it to the IT department at IBM and they were unable to rescue the files). When I got a new computer at the beginning of last year he set the whole thing up and transferred all the stuff I wanted to keep from another old computer onto it. I have recommended him to many people and everyone who’s hired him loves him. Also, his rates are very affordable.” — Lynn W. (go to Yelp review…)