Apple/PC Repairs

Blue screen of death? Spinning beach ball? Strange sounds from your laptop or desktop? Don’t lug that thing on the train or take a taxi across town–call or email us at Urban TekTonic, instead.  We make house calls anywhere in Manhattan, with no additional travel charges.

Upgrade Your Mac/PC

Wanna speed-up your computer? Would like more space for files and programs in your laptop or desktop? We can install more memory or put a larger/faster hard drive in your computer, safely, and hassle-free.

Virus Alert Pop-Ups?

Your Windows PC is just a year-or-so old, so why is it so slow these days? Bots, worms, trojans, phishing hooks, and root-kits, oh my! You know what to do–give us a ring and we’ll kill all the viruses, scrub away all the junk files and programs that have mysteriously appeared, and prevent a host of undesirables from having access to your computer.

Everything Except the Sync

So, “the cloud” is supposed to let you have your media on your smartphone, laptop, and/or tablet, but things just aren’t syncing like you thought they would? You are not stupid, and you are far from alone. Don’t wipe out your media libraries trying to enjoy your files from one device to another–call us!

Keep the Kids Safe

Don’t forget to protect your children from harmful Internet content. Let us install privacy guards and/or access-to-content restrictions tailored to alleviate your particular concerns.

Your New Computer

Nothing like the joys of a brand-new computer! This time, really enjoy it and let us set it up the way you want it–without all the annoying stuff you’re not interested in. As a part of a new computer setup, we will configure your Internet and email settings, and install all security and performance updates recommended by your computer’s vendor(s). You will be connected to the Web at maximum speed, and surfing securely from day one!

Automated Backups

There is no particular brand of computer or app that will protect you from losing your personal files when you experience, say, a glass of iced tea spilling into your laptop. If your data is not currently being backed-up regularly, then that means you have yet to lose a lot of important documents, pictures, and other personal files. Don’t press your luck–if you do not have (at least) two copies of your important data across two different storage devices, then you do not have your data backed-up. Let’s do it!