Small Business

Not having an IT Dept does not mean you are doomed to wrestle with outdated technology to get the job done. Nor does it mean you have to rely on over-priced or under-skilled labor from some of those chain electronics stores.

Whether it’s upgrading your network servers, installing new computers, or making the most of your current hardware, Urban TekTonic can boost your techno-power while keeping an eye on your budget.

Lost data can be recovered under certain conditions, but don’t wait until your next crisis to call! Save your production downtime and worry; the best security against data loss is having a solid, automated backup routine in place. Urban TekTonic can install a backup solution that fits with the way your business works.

Realize Your Potential

Do you manage a small business? Do you freelance? Is your office virtual, with co-workers scattered abroad?

You might think your capabilities are limited by expensive software packages and product licensing. Urban TekTonic specializes in implementing open source, enterprise-level programs and productivity suites. These packages often come with little or no licensing fees.

We can access each stage of your business and offer open source solutions for all of your needs–from production to contact management, from communication to accountability. And with our experience, knowledge, and passion for technology, we will recommend new ideas to streamline your productivity and get the most out of your data… no matter what your medium!